The Importance of Customizing Your Products To Your Brand, Objectively

By Promo Car care Team | February 24, 2022 | 0 Comments
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As a company, you begin to think of small, but effective ways to take your brand to the next level. Factors like cost, quality, quantity, and efficacy come into question when planning to release certain products. This article will walk you through why branded/customized products are great for your company, with some tips on what you can do to really push your brand reputation to the next level.

So what exactly do we mean by branded products? We mean products that contain your name, logo, slogan, or anything related to the brand on it. The products can be something specific to your company, or can just be the typical, promotional pen or hoodie. It can be any sort of merchandise that you know your target audience already uses (or something they can be lacking) that is branded with your company guidelines on it. 

What can branded products do for your company? The most obvious answer is that they can build brand awareness. It’s the most cost-effective way to market your company to your audience, their peers and so on. When a branded item is given to a customer, each customer takes it on a different journey consisting of a new set of people, places, and times that your information is shared by. It begins when given directly to the customer, building a relationship with them. According to research done  by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, customers who received branded products said that their brand awareness increased by 96%, creating a higher chance of purchasing. 

The customer is also 80% more likely to recommend your business to others.  The potential reach that that single branded product has is worth more than the  money you will initially spend on the product. It generates more leads by acting like many, small walking billboards. When statistics like,  50% of people actively use the branded products you give them daily, it’s easy to see how the return on your initial investment is worth it. It’s your ‘business card’ walking around to different places, reaching different people and building relationships through all kinds of different pathways. 

Next time you’re planning your next marketing venture, consider choosing products that can be fully customized with your branding on it.  If you’re interested in custom, branded products for your company, visit our Custom Packaging page to see what we can accomplish together! We can customize uniforms, signs and event signage, DashWipes and glass wipes, air fresheners and litter bags. You can read our

here to learn more! Want to learn about how we can customize your products? Contact us at 1-800-463-2516 ext. 315 or to speak with an expert sales representative!

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