How To Make Higher Priced Car Washes More Popular

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By Promo Car care Team | July 28, 2021 | 0 Comments
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So you’re looking for ways to encourage customers to choose the top car wash option over the lower-tiered options. In order to properly figure out how to do this, we’ll be turning towards consumer psychology to figure out how to make your top touchless car washes your best seller. Consumer psychology is the science that studies human behavior (in the USA) through the lens of the average consumer. It looks at what their decision-making process is, how they can be persuaded, and how they are motivated to buy things. We will be looking specifically at the thought processes and emotions behind their wash decision and what will motivate consumers to choose your top wash package.

The thought processes and emotions behind their wash decision

When making decisions, the mind goes one of three ways: the single-feature model, the additive feature model, or the elimination by aspects model. In the case of car washes, either three can be used depending on the person. 

The single-feature model focuses on one specific feature that the consumer is looking for, ignoring all other things about the product or service. For example, a consumer may only look at price when choosing between different car wash options. They do not look at the other variables, like what is included in each car wash, and choose the least expensive option.

The additive feature model would look at every feature of every possible choice, before evaluating them. When faced with three or more car wash options, they look at every feature before making their decision. They usually choose the best option for them based on their evaluation of every feature. 

The elimination by aspects model begins by looking at every option, with the most important characteristic being highlighted throughout the whole process. Each option that does not include this one important characteristic gets eliminated. 

Ideally, all three models can work to your benefit if you leverage them correctly. By offering your customers an incentive that grabs their attention, then they are more likely to choose the one that gives them some sort of added benefit. For example, if you offer your customers a free gift with every top car wash they buy, then they’re probably more likely to choose that option. The customer might look at the single-feature of offering the free gift with the top car wash. They understand that the free gift provides more value to their purchase without paying for the gift. It would add worth to their purchase without the company losing any sort of profit margin, like a discount on the top car wash would. It is a tangible way to increase sales without lowering the worth of the brand. Looking at each option and evaluating every feature, like you would with the additive feature model, would place more value on the free gift, thus incentivising customers to choose the top car wash. The most important characteristic then becomes the promotional products with purchase of the top car wash, under the elimination of aspects models. 

A free gift can include a dash wipe, a towel and an air freshener, all conveniently sold by Promo Car Care in bulk. Promo Car Care offers premium car wash kits in bulk sizing and at an affordable price. Elevate your top car wash sales by offering your customers a car wash kit with every top priced car wash purchase. This is a simple way to increase sales by stimulating all three decision making models without lowering the value of higher priced car wash. 

What will motivate consumers to choose top car washes

Motivation in consumers is a four stage process. The first stage is realizing that there is a need; your car needs a wash. Once you realize that there is a need, stage two comes in the form of tension or discomfort. The consumer will be motivated to ease their discomfort and they begin to evaluate their options. Usually this is the stage where they decide if they’ll visit a express car wash and which one. Stage three begins when that motivation begins to draw out your desire and want. So, you begin to desire a car wash and you become focused on a particular choice of car wash. The fourth stage is when your original need is met and your car is washed. The tension of having a dirty car lifts and you’re completely satisfied.

Consumer motivation is important for companies to understand because it is what drives customers towards your business. Essentially, your business will want to satisfy a desire within people. Cars get dirty, they need to be cleaned. That can be satisfied with a simple, low-cost car wash. 

But, you want to increase your top car wash sales, so you need to go beyond just satisfying the need to clean a car’s dirty exterior. With Promo Car Care’s premium car wash kits, you are offering your customers a way to also satisfy the need to clean the inside of their car at just $0.85 per kit. Offering their free kits with the purchase of a top car wash can make a customer realize that they also need to clean the inside of their car. They’ll begin to feel discomfort over the knowledge of dirt on the inside of their car and feel the desire to clean it. This motivation will drive them towards buying the top car wash package with the knowledge that they’ll receive a clean and fresh smelling interior, as well. A tangible giveaway provides the customer the motivation to make the leap to the top wash. 


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