How Could Car Washes Offer Inside Cleaning?

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How does one clean the inside of their cars? We are taught how to clean our bedrooms, our desks, our lockers, but not often is someone taught how to clean the inside of their cars. The outside of a car, however, is typically an easy wash. Car washes are abundant and they can clean the outside of your car to produce a beautiful gleam in a small amount of time. The car wash industry has the chance to capitalize on cleaning the inside of a car, as well. Car detailing is offered, but it is typically priced higher and is a timely errand that only really happens once a year or less. So the solution is to find a way for the car wash industry to offer a fast, cost-efficient way to clean the inside of the car. But, how is this done?  

Let’s trace back a step and establish an understanding of the inside of the average car, that will give the car wash industry a better idea of what can be cleaned in an efficient manner. We have: the dashboard, the inside of the windshield, the window sill, the centre console, the tunnel console, your chairs and the floors. Given that all of those are typically hard surfaces or fabric/leather, it should be a relatively easy and quick clean. 

The next issue to figure out is when and how exactly would these areas be cleaned? 

Let me set the scene:

You’re at the car wash. You put your neutral, and you sit back and watch the express car wash work its magic on the exterior of your car. But then, you notice that the inside of your car could use a cleaning, as well. Well lo and behold, at the end of your tunnel is the offering of a glass and dash spray and microfiber car towel to efficiently give the inside of your car a quick clean at no extra cost. So you exit the tunnel and park your car. You go to the vacuum area to clean the inside of your car. You dry off your car towels with the free microfiber car towel, and you spray and wipe the inside of your car with the free Glass and Dash Cleaner. You vacuum your seats and the floor. Then, you return the car towel to the ‘used bin’ and spray back to their wall mounts, and drive off with a completely clean car.

Microfiber towels

Let’s take a few steps back, though, and understand why the car wash industry should offer this to their customers. A value-add to your car wash offering will build customer loyalty. There are lots of different car washes that your potential customer can visit instead of yours, but if they are aware that you also offered the ability to clean the inside of their car themselves at no additional cost, they would be loyal to yours. Generally, consumers are willing to drive the extra mile to the best available option. If another car wash is closer, but yours that offer this value add of cleaning materials is further, they will choose the better, further option. This will not only give you loyalty, but it will also attract other customers to visit your car wash instead of another one.

Petra Glass and Dash Cleaner

How can your car wash make this happen for its customers, without adding a large expense to their monthly bills? Promo Car Care offers Glass and Dash Cleaner in bulk with 4 gallons per case at a low cost. This is a great option for refilling sprayers and better for the environment. You’ll only have to buy the Trigger Sprayers one time and refill with the bulk cleaner, saving on future cost. The microfiber car towels are also sold in bulk at Promo Car Care, and customers would return them to a bin to be washed and set out again for future use. This whole routine would be done at the already offered vacuum area after you exit the tunnel. Not only does this save you on costs, but it also is a great way to promote your car wash as an eco-friendly wash. This would attract more customers. Research done in 2019 by Accenture shows that, “more than half of consumers would pay more for sustainable products designed to be reused or recycled,” so this eco-friendly value add would be a big hit amongst customers. 

Promo Car Care already supplies many different car washes with this offering. From smaller car washes to bigger, franchised express car washes, we have experience in supplying you with exactly what is suited for your business. Contact us today at or at 1-800-463-2616 ext. 316 to learn more about this value add or to speak with a customer representative about what we can do to help your express exterior car wash. Visit our website to view a full catalogue of what we supply.


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