Car litter bags are essential for a clean car

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A big part of owning a car is maintaining it. You have to clean the inside, just in the same way that you would your room or house. In your room, though, you’ll usually find a trash can to throw out all of your garbage. This can really help from deterring an accumulation of random trash from happening, and helps to really keep your room clean and clutter free. So, if this is true for rooms, then why don’t we keep a garbage can in our cars? Probably because they’re too big. So, I present to you: Promo Car Care’s Disposable Car Litter Bags.

Car litter bags for car washes

Disposable Car Litter Bags are easy to install using the .75” hole at the top to hang, and easy to remove and discard of. Coming in 10” by 12” inches, these disposable car litter bags are about the same size as a medium picture frame: the perfect size for any car. 

These disposable car litter bags are great for incentivizing customers at car washes. You can use these bags as a value-add to your top priced car washes. This will help customers have a clean exterior and interior. At Promo Car Care, we offer completely customizable car litter bags for your car wash. Pick the size, the design, the colors, and the quantity, and we can provide it! Giving out customized car litter bags is a great way to build brand recognition. It can persuade customers to become loyal to your car wash because they know they’ll receive a car litter bag every time they visit. It can promote your car wash every time a new person sits down in an existing customer’s car and sees your logo on a car litter bag. At the low cost it takes to acquire this amenity, your car wash can grow a larger, loyal customer base.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are they used for?

These disposable Car Litter Bags are great for adding onto your top car washes. Customers will be more likely to choose the top-priced car wash over other ones if they see that these bags are added on as a comprehensive give away. Customers will enjoy the ability to clean the inside of their car during or after their car wash. 

  • Can they be customized?

Promo Car Care’s Car Litter Bags can be bought as is (plain white, 10” by 12” inches) or they can be completely customized. Your car wash can choose the size, the colors, the design, the branding, and even have your brand guidelines on there. Promo Car Care can take your vision and replicate it.

  • How do you hang them?

There are three ways to hang the Car Litter Bag. First, you can hang it over your stick shift for convenient use. If you don’t have a stick shift, you can get a damage free hook from any local dollar store, convenience store or drug store, and hook the litter bag onto it. The last option would be to hook the Car litter bag on the back of your headrests.

  • What are car litter bags made from?

Promo Car Care’s Car Litter Bags are made from polypropylene, which is considered to be a safer choice than other types of plastic by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is not known to cause cancer in humans and it is less flammable.

  • What’s the cost breakdown?

A case of Car Litter Bags contains 1000 bags and is sold at $200.00USD. That means a litter bag comes to $0.20USD each. If you choose to customize your car litter bags, there are no associated set up fees and there is a low minimum order quantity. For this low cost, you can sell your top priced car wash and create a loyal base of customers. 

Interested in learning more or inquiring about customizing your own litter bags? Contact us at or call us at 1-800-463-2516 ext. 315 to speak to a customer service representative about how we can help. Visit our website for the browse the rest of our products.

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